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April 14, 2012
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Sparkz had returned home from college, still worried about his sisters whereabouts, when he noticed a letter from Kevin on the table. "Oh, I wonder what he's found?" Sparkz said tto himself as he went to his room to open the letter. He quickly scanned it and was overjoyed that Kevin had a clue about where Mimi was, the letter told Sparkz to meet Kevin by the docks that Mimi's boat had left from as soon as he could, so Sparkz quickly shot out and drove down there.

When he got to the docks he imediately went and searched for Kevin but couldn't find him. "Oh great now Kevins dissapeared." Sparkz moaned. He decided that maybe kevin had gotten bored and headed doen to the beach which was next to the docks, so he ran there but still couldn't find him. "Where is he?" He cried in despiation. Just then he notice two figures swimming in the sea, he called at them and they looked over and swam closer to him but stopped before getting to the shallower water, Sparkz thought as to why this might be when he noticed they were beckoning him to come closer. He decided he might as well seeing as he was only going to ask them if they had seen Kevin so he waded as close as he could to them without getting himself completely submerged. "I'm gonna need a change of clothes after this." He grumbled to himself. "Good job I brought a spare set."
As he got a better look at the girls he noticed that one looked about 14 and had dark pink hair tied in a pony-tail and the other was about 10 and had her light pink hair free flowing. "Did you want us for something?" the older girl asked.
"Yeah, I was wondering if you'd seen my friend..." He was cut off by the younger girl.
"Was his name Kevin?" she asked.
"Yes!" Sparkz face lit up. The two girls looked at each other and giggled. "What's so funny?" He asked.  The two girls looked at him for a second, grabbed his legs and pulled him deeper into the water. He opened is eyes to see the two girls staring at him, He noticed that something wasn't right, they were both wearing pink T-shirts but more importantly they both had fish tails instead of legs. He wanted to speak but remembered he was underwater so he held his breath. The two mermaids looked at him and giggled. "Don't worry sis you'll be fine soon enough." The younger one said as they both kissed him on his cheeks. Sparkz broke out in a blush but wondered what they meant by 'sis' while his blonde hair turned bright pink and grew down to his shoulders. He suddenly felt his clothes become baggy as he looked to see he was shrinking, he kept shrinking until he was about 6 years old. He suddenly felt something that distracted him from his shrunken form, it was an uncomfortable sensation between his legs. "Noooo." he screeched in his new higher girlish voice, It toook him a second to realise he was breathing. He or rather she felt her neck to find gills. This distracted her from her legs merging into a tail and her shirt turning into a pink T-shirt like the other two. Her eyes became wider as ne thoughts invaded her mind. She was now Saphire, the youngest of three siblings who lived with their grand parents. She was carefree and loved to play with her sisters and her best friend Melody, who was actualy a year older than her oldest sister Katherine. "Umm where am I." Saphire said scared.
"You swan off, we were worried sick." Katherine replied, bith her and Mimi hugging her.
"Don't ever do that again, sis." Mimi pleaded
"I wont, I promise." Saphire smiled. "Can we go home now?"
"Yeah." Ketherine said as the three turned and swam out to and through the sea mist. In no time at all they arrived at another beach they swam up to the surface and popped thier heads out of the water. On the beach they saw another mermaid, this one blond wearing a plain white shirt, talking to two other girls, one had green hair and was wearing a white silk dress, while the other looked about nine and had sark brown hair. Saphire called to them. "Melody, Rose, Lilly."
All three turned round and waved at her, she was about to go see them when Katherine stopped her "Don't you think we should go see Grandma and Grandpa, they've been worried sick about you." She said.
"Ok." Saphire sighed and the three swam off together back home.

A few day's later Sidney got a phone call from someone telling her what had happened to Mimi, Sparkz and Kevin, that they were safe and sound and that they could visit them whenever they liked. She told Zeke who said "Well, at least they're happy and it's good to know we can go visit them. Where are they?"
"The Valley of Myths, apparaently." Sidney replied.
"Yeah right, that place is just a myth." Zeke scoffed.
"I wouldn't be so sure." Sidney smirked and walked out the room leaving Zeke very confused.
Now it's finnished. Sparkz gets word from kevin that he's found something but will it be what Sparkz is expecting.

Request by elitepikachu9019

Kevin belongs to elitepikachu9019

Sparkz, Mimi, Zeke and Sidney belong to 98spakz

Lilly, Rose and Melody belong to me.
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Sparkz (this is like the third or fourth story with him in it) is one unlucky dude. Nice stories.
C10artfan Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist
yeah, I had that phase where I let him use my characters and he let me use his, so I did it all the time. I'm not good at creating new characters. also any feedback is greatly appreciated, especially on my on going stories
GoodKittyNyanchan Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
:iconkyokokyutplz: It's a decent story; it just needs a bit of proofreading polish-nya.  I also recommend linking the parts together in the descriptions for convenyence purposes-nya. :heart:  :iconazu-nyanplz: 
C10artfan Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist
ah, thank you, this was way back when I first started and I wasn't too bothered about proof reading short stories or requests, now I'm a bit better at it. this is the most feed back I've gotten on any of my stories though
I bet the will visit us 3 in the story soon.
C10artfan Apr 18, 2012  Hobbyist
Cause I will like them two see them visit us 3 in the sea.
C10artfan Apr 19, 2012  Hobbyist
Ok I'll see what I can do.
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